About us

Founded in 1993, The Surgical Company (TSC), with its head office located in Amersfoort (The Netherlands) has undergone organic growth, mergers and acquisitions to become a group employing 370 people with an annual turnover of 134 million Euro.








In a market that is constantly evolving we are always ahead of the curve. Our everyday engagement is to offer support to our customers to respond to today’s and tomorrow’s market needs. You can count on us! Our motivation is best expressed by the in-house chosen theme “CLIENT” focusing on our common values.

Zoom on the Broncoflex® adventure
We have been conceiving and designing the single-use, flexible endoscopy solutions of the future for more than 10 years. Our ambition is to provide solutions adapted to the needs of health care professionals for the benefit of patients.

From the origin of the project to its marketing…

In a medical environment where budget restrictions are increasingly tight, where patient safety is central to health care challenges, the numerous problems posed by reusable endoscopy led us to develop new solutions to meet tomorrow’s challenges. Therefore, in 2012, after 6 years of research and development, we produced our first functional prototype of a single-use bronchoscope. After passing all the regulatory validation stages, the first clean room was built in 2014, thus concretizing a journey started 8 years earlier.

We are proud to contribute to the continual progress of medicine, by developing and manufacturing a high-quality, single use, sterile bronchoscope; enabling practitioners to intervene at any time, using a sterile device, while reducing the risk of nosocomial infections