One-lung ventilation


The recent developments in video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery (VATS) have led to a significant increase in one-lung ventilation techniques (OLV) (1).
The use of a bronchoscope is recommended for the placement and verification of the position of double-lumen endobronchial tubes, and this, throughout the procedure (2,3). The Broncoflex®, because it is always available and with its high quality image, provides physicians with the possibility of performing visual control in the best conditions.


Double-lumen endobronchial or bronchial blocker tubes are commonly used for selective ventilation.

During these procedures, accurate positioning of the tubes is essential, as an incorrectly placed tube can affect OLV and compromise the operation, but also cause postoperative complications (2). The Broncoflex® Agile is ideal for placement of even 35 Fr double-lumen endobronchial tubes with its 3.9 mm diameter insertion tube.

Broncoflex® compatibility with double-lumen endobronchial tubes

Double-lumen endobronchial tube sizes 35 Fr 37 Fr 39 Fr 41 Fr
Broncoflex® Agile
Broncoflex® Vortex


Much more than a simple touch screen, Screeni® incorporates an algorithm that ensures the display of a high-definition image, even for a single-use device.


The whole system, from the camera to the visualisation platform, contributes to the display of a high-definition image with, in particular, an algorithm especially developed for detailed contours. Brightness management enables good near and distal vision.


A high level of expertise reduces the risks of incorrect identification of the bronchial structures when verifying the position of a double-lumen tube.

Correct placement can be made difficult by the numerous anatomical differences in the bronchial tree from one patient to another, especially after previous surgery or in the presence of a tumour (3).
To train staff in endobronchial tube placement for OLV, the Broncoflex® is easy to use, with no risk of damage or costly repairs in the event of incorrect handling.

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